Agenda File Isolated

Currently running 10.13.6. My Avast Security software isolated /Applications/ for the following reason: “MacOS:Bundlore-CU [PUP]”
To my knowledge, Agenda was up to date when this happened on Aug 20th, but I am unable to open the app since the file has been quarantined. I’m looking for clarity on what Avast is actually isolating here. TIA.

See this post:

Their support have told us that the updated whitelist should propagate within 24hrs, which would mean it should now be available. Perhaps all you would have to do is to run their scan again, I would suggest to try that first. If that doesn’t help I’m afraid you’ll have to contact their support as I’m further not familiar with Avast and their “security” software.

Thanks for the info @mekentosj. Very helpful. I assumed that it was a false positive, but just wanted to do my due diligence just in case.

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