Agenda cross platform

It would be interesting to see Agenda expand to other platforms to make it a cross platform app fully operational in any environment. I don’t believe in proprietary clouds (iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) but I believe in synchronization which, as you can see from my previous post (in Feedback), speaks of the possibility of synchronizing the entire fleet of devices without internet and cloudlessly. This clears the way for the entry of Android which I believe should represent the right direction for expansion for this app. I therefore ask for development on the Android front.

Thanks for the feedback.

Android and web are popular requests. We are focussed on making the Apple apps better at this point, and don’t have a big team for supporting completely different platforms, like Android, where the whole app would need to be rewritten.

I saw the post about peer-to-peer sync via WiFi, but I think most people would find this far to limiting these days. It’s the type of sync we had in the early 2000s, with the iPod and Palm, but these days, people want to make edits anywhere, and have it immediately sync to other devices. Having things only sync when you are home, for example, would be a step back, and would require you turn on your Mac and iPhone at the same time to allow sync up.

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At this point your choices have closed all the ways for me to be part of your platform (Android, Web).
I cannot invest my forty euros because objectively there is no way to meet us, because as you say “the team is small”. I will orient my choice on something else.

No problem. That’s always the trade off. Thanks for considering Agenda!

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I’m delighted at your choice to focus on the Apple ecosystem and thank you for your dedication to quality.