Agenda Calendar is sticking

What I did: Looked at right hand screen to check my Calendar entries

What happened: Calendar was stuck on June 15

What I expected: Calendar to show today’s date

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Using latest version of Agenda, and iOS 11.4 on my iPhone 6+

The problem has been happening intermittently since I installed the Agenda update. It came right yesterday so I didn’t bother to report it, but it’s gone back to June 15 again today. I can change it to the current date, but when I next open Agenda it’s gone back yet again to June 15. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Groundhog Day, without Bill Murray!

It’s not a major problem, as I can easily scroll on to today’s date, but obviously it’s not quite how it’s meant to be :blush:

The calendar there does default to today, but if you have a note selected, it will show the date the note has. Is it possible you have a note selected with the date June 15?


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I had indeed, & hadn’t realized it! It’s a Note I use a lot, so I often leave it highlighted, but as it’s not connected to a Calendar event I hadn’t picked up the significance. I tried selecting Notes with other dates & the Calendar showed those instead, then I highlighted one without a date & the Calendar went straight to today, so that’s obviously been the cause of what was happening. Thanks for explaining it, & sorry to have bothered you :blush:

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No problem. Glad it is sorted.

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