Agenda becomes slow with a lot of notes



What I did: I imported 1200 notes from Apple Notes

What happened: the Agenda App became very slow. It took a long time to start up. After that, menu’s appeared only after 5 seconds or so when I tried to select them (this was better after using the app for a while). I collapsed all notes, uncollapsing a note takes several seconds.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): I have an older (2012) iMac but I was expecting the app would function normally. The Apple Notes app doesn’t have a problem with 1200 notes.


Are all these 1200 notes in a single project? I could definitely see it becomes slow if they were. Also, right after import the app is doing a lot of things in the background, including building a search index, have you tried letting it chunk along for a bit and does that improve performance after a while?


Yes, I imported the notes yesterday so the app had some time to process and settle down. I have one project with 1000 notes and the other 200 are divided to three other projects.

So if I understand correctly, a project shouldn’t have too many notes? I don’t use real projects, I have all my work notes (1000) in a single project and I use the search function for maximal flexibility. I could divide the notes into my real projects but that would change my workflow. I have to think about that.


If everything settled down after a while, I think it is fine to have many notes in a project. I personally prefer not to have more than 30-40, because then the menus become difficult to navigate, but there should be no reason you couldn’t do it.

As @mekentosj said, when you first add notes, they need to be synced to the cloud, and also indexed for searching. This can require some intense work, and could slow things a bit, but should be temporary. After the initial processing of the notes, it should be fast again.