Agenda at work

Hi there!

I started using Agenda a few weeks ago, and it has truly changed how I work in my company. I am a technical expert and tutor of the subject: barista and management. My job is visiting all of the 41 coffee houses in my company, following up on technical problems, educating the management and making sure that they know what they need to know about the espresso machine, grinders and the coffee. I have tried many different note taking apps and use Things 3 as my main GTD app.

I’ve been using Bear for almost a year and I somehow got it to work, but it is a mess for me. I always spent too much time searching for old notes or scrolling frantically trying to find it. Things took too much time and my workflow was heavily hindered.

Enter Agenda!
I came across Agenda and figured I should give it a go. It didn’t take long before I realized how powerful this app truly are.

I have now put the store code as a “person” and I always link my notes to calendar events. This makes it possible for me to easily plan ahead and finding my plans for the day at that store when I’m getting there. It also makes it very easy to follow up after by simply putting it “On the agenda” if it need immediate follow-up. I used Bear before this, but that got really messy with all the tags and sub-tags. Agenda has made it possible for me to keep it simple (not too many categories and projects) while making it immensely powerful and easy to use.

One of my most used features are the “Related notes” part. Once I have scheduled a new visit to a store I’ll put the appropriate tags and store codes into the note and I can instantly see the other notes I’ve taken from earlier visits. I always check my old notes if there is anything I need to follow up while I’m there or just to double check that everything is OK after some changes last visit.

I went from searching a lot, having lots of frustration when editing old notes as they would pop to the top in Bear and just feeling like my app was a mess to now enjoying every singe part of my note taking game.

When I’m off work I’ll just hide the category for it and I can focus on my other projects and family matters.

Thank you Agenda for making my workflow many times faster and more enjoyable than ever before. Cheers from Norway :smiley:


Wow! Sounds like Agenda has really gelled for you. Great to hear, and thanks for sharing!



We are two in the same position at my company, and he did join in on this as well after watching my workflow :slight_smile:

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What a really GREAT idea!
Never thought about doing something like that and have (similar) things I can apply that to.

Many thanks for sharing that! :star: