Agenda as travel log

I recently traveled, and used Agenda in a way I had never thought of before, although in hindsight it is obvious. I used Agenda to track events on my trip, which I linked to the calendar by creating relevant events linked to notes in the “project” I created for the trip. For meals I added links to locations, used the scan widget in Agenda on iOS to copy receipts into the relevant logs. The iPhone Agenda app is a powerful tool – a hub – for gathering and linking information – so well thought-out and designed.


Thanks for sharing!

Yes, Agenda can be used for this type of Journal, even though it isn’t mentioned that often. One of our sample pieces is a short journal of a holiday, so it has been in our thoughts since day 1.

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Actually, after Day 1 app was acquired, I was thinking how Agenda could be used as a diary app…