Agenda as repository for all notes

I’ve seen posts in which people are saying they are moving all their Apple Notes into Agenda, or are planning to use Agenda as their primary note-taker. Those of you doing so, I am curious to know how you’re using projects and categories to catalog all these notes. For instance, do you have a “Miscellaneous Notes” project for notes that don’t stick to another project? I am just looking for schemes as to how best to manage hundreds or even thousands of notes in Agenda without being overwhelmed by the number of categories and projects.


I am dealing with this question now. Agenda is a great app and I think it can play a big role in the way I manage work and other projects as ideas develop. But I’m starting to wonder whether it’s best-suited as a repository for all my notes. Apple’s Notes could play this role, of course; but I’m now thinking of continuing to move away from Apple Notes, and also cutting Ulysses out of my workflow, and using Bear for both quick-capture of notes and for first drafts of documents and writings.

Agenda could perhaps solve all this if it just had an Inbox! :laughing:


I agree with the post above.

I’ve been giving Agenda a workout. I have a great deal of my document-based work and notes in Evernote and I’m still happy with that for the moment. I began to investigate other soutions, albetit more sophisticated solutions like DEVONThink, Curio and others like that. In addition I gave Apple Notes, Bear and now, Agenda an ongoing evaluation also.

Agends, at the structural level, is no different than Apple Notes or Bear. Each has its own idiosyncrasies and style. But they all have a hierarchy of headers (called projexts or whatever) and those are tied to multiple notes. The biggest variation is what can you DO with those notes outside the limited world of the immediate application. That’s where Agenda is behind the other apps right now. They are building an iOS app which is good, but their base app still lacks a lot of functionality that’s in other apps already.

I still struggle at times at the blurry vision that seems to surround the application as to what it’s “going” to be. I don’t know that putting an “inbox’ solves all of it’s problems at this point.

But beause of Agenda, I have begun to see a need for having an “information Repository” and and a “Project Note” system. Hence why I’m looking further at Solutions like DEVONThink and Curio. They are both all-in-one solutions.

Apple Notes is the real wild card. Apple developers have recently shown a resurgent effort in beefing up that app as shown by their most recent release that includes things like basic collaboration. For those that work in a an heterogenous environment, howver, that may NOT be a solution for you. Then again none of these would be except possibly Evernote!

I’ve set up a project called ‘Inbox’ but I find I rarely use it as it’s just as easy to put notes in the relevant project right away.

What would really work for me, is the ability to ’send’ text, files, emails etc from other applications directly to the Inbox - in the same way that Things offers.

I’m using it a repository of all my notes and for drafts. I don’t see any problem with that for me at the moment. It’s easy enough to create a category for notes that don’t belong to an actual project.

I use Quip, Google Drive and Asana for collaboration with different groups of people - and where necessary I’ve added links to the relevant documents to my notes in Agenda. This seems to work so far in giving me one place - Agenda - to have an overview of what I’m doing now and next, and giving me a direct route to the relevant webpages/documents.

Regarding Agenda’s philosophy, I found this - “the tools to make your system” - very reassuring: