Agenda as journal for protection against a sociopath

There’s a sociopath colleague or boss at the office? You better start taking notes with Agenda.

In a nutshell:

Start keeping a diary of what the sociopath says and does, noting dates, times, people involved etc. This is very important especially if things go on for any length of time because it’s often very difficult to keep track of all these things when a sociopath is causing drama and chaos. Having a written record often proves invaluable.


I hope very few people have this problem, but indeed, it is an out-of-the-box usage.

In fact, any sort of “paper trail” is good for Agenda. When we were first developing the app, and hadn’t released it yet, the James Comey controversy was ongoing, and we joking threw up the idea of using him for our advertising, with slogan: “Agenda. When you need a paper trail.”


I’m afraid, I’ve met and worked with two.

Very difficult. Hard for others to process, even close friends who also work with them. It took ages for one close colleague to ‘see’ it and when she did, she got it. But I would list off incidents and explainers and she would look at me like I was crazy up until that point.


I’m sad to say this was the exact use I put Agenda to recently. I’m relieved to say I’m starting a new job next week.


Bravo :clap: for finding protection, for choosing Agenda and more than anything, for steering your time and life towards where you want it to go.

Other use-case ideas for Agenda (happier ones than sociopath paper-trails at least :sweat_smile:):

  • Student notes (golly, am I jealous)
  • Court lawyer
  • Social interest advocate
  • Project compliance
  • Meetings (obviously)
  • Research journal
  • Writing journal
  • Professional caregiver
  • Parkinsons patient
  • Phone call log (either per person or topic)
  • Rough drafting your blog entries
  • Any situation where the advance of time, progress (also regress!) and ideas are relevant together
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Right now I’m using Agenda to keep track my my questions and their answers during onboarding, an altogether more cheerful use case.