Agenda as a CRM

This may be useful to someone…

I have been playing with Agenda App for the last couple of week, and yes I did ask myself if I really need another note app before you ask.

I have played with many of the last couple of years, from Apple Notes, Ulysses, Bear etc. before deciding on Drafts app with its infinite customisation and scripting possibilities where I spend hours of time consuming fun making it dance to my tune.

However Agenda caught my eye, it seemed novel and after downloading and deleting I decided to give it another go with a specific use in mind. I need a “CRM” (client relationship manager) of some sort, what I know I do not need however is a sales orientated system or a SASS based system that requires another layer of automation to keep everything in sync. Read more…


Great article Richard, thanks for sharing!!

Ps. automation and basic URL scheme support is on its way… See also this topic:


A quick follow up that indeed Agenda now supports x-callback-urls to allow for deeper integration with third party apps, see Sharing, Import, Export, and Printing - #2

Thank you for the updated info, Agenda is currently showing as unavailable in the App Store for update at the present, I guess that will be rectified soon and look forward to experimenting. :+1:

That indeed sounds like it hasn’t fully propagated the App Store yet, it should soon.

Thank you for putting up this idea! I also deal with customers in my job and having to remember many nitty-gritty details is hard. Having to rely on a real CRM system is also quite cumbersome. When I saw the title of your post, I realized that I can use Agenda as a mini-CRM system, where I can use Categories as company names, and projects as either real projects or customer information!

So, now I can use Agenda for my meeting notes, my personal journal, to do list, and my CRM!

Thank you!

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