Agenda and iOS Shortcuts

I saw this on reddit for Bear, and wondered if it was possible to do the same thing with Agenda.

Whenever I try and make a shortcut on iOS, the options for Agenda never seem to be the same, and don’t cover everything.

Anyone explored this?

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I’m having trouble seeing what “this” is. Got a link to the Reddit thread or want to provide more thorough explanation?

Does this work…

that last picture should open an imgur link.

Basically, someone has created a shortcut to pull in daily news, to dos and a bunch of other stuff into a new Bear note.

I’ve played around with iOS Shortcuts and my knowledge is severely lacking on this!

This should be perfectly possible, see the X-callback-url Support and Reference - #45 by stevesabatini, which supports creating notes, appending content, appending attachments etc. So if the shortcut would collect the various data points, you could create notes like these automatically.

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Yep. I use something similar to set up a daily planning journal entry.

The gist of this templating is to pull data from templates either saved as Text in Shortcuts, as files pulled via the Get File action, or through actions or URL schemes with other apps. If you wanted to try it, @nickh, and post an attempt here I’d be happy to answer questions/give feedback. is also a good place to go for Shortcuts discussion and ideas.


I guess it’s just learning what to do in shortcuts to get the right thing.

Would you mind sharing one you’ve done with Agenda?

It looks like Latin to someone who doesn’t know what to do!

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Did you have any luck figuring anything out on this? Mine are all overly complicated and would be pretty useless without access to my files for the templating, and I’d need to draft something wholly anew for it to be worth sharing. If I get the chance I’ll do so.

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I really appreciate it too!

Cc @nickh

Here’s a rudimentary example. It’s a simple template of review questions saved as text in Shortcuts that becomes a note titled Daily Reflection in the Agenda notebook Journal linked to the current date:


CC @nickh

Your post inspired me to try this, too. I’ve attached my attempt at something close to what you posted (minus the xkcd comic and a few other bits). I also added a sequence to pull in my ToDoist tasks; the shortcut will ask for your authorization token on import.

Some notes:

  1. the ToDoist import worked the first few times I ran it, but then stopped and I’m not sure why. If anyone looks at it and can figure out why, let me know.

  2. Agenda seems to be automatically removing a few returns on import and I’m not sure why. If anyone has thoughts on this, let me know.

Here’s an image of the note it creates: screenshot

Download the shortcut here.

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