Agenda and iCloud drive - markdown notes in iCloud

Hey guys - I was wondering if there was something down the pipeline that would include Agenda app having an actual folder on icloud drive that could access or serve as an automatic import for files/attachments within Agenda. Something along the lines of what Noteplan uses to pull notes from icloud drive directly into the side tab so I can write notes/texts/documents and access them directly in Agenda (I refuse to use Noteplan out of principle due to their aggressive pricing and marketing strategies and am a longtime user of Agenda now).
The main reason I ask is because I have a lot of documents stored in Icloud drive that use as a bit of a database for all my personal info as well as a book Im writing on with notes that are scattered throughout Agenda and icloud drive. Id like to be able to easily sync those files and be able to link them to Agenda without manually creating links for each one, if that makes sense?
A complex, unique scenario but still one Id be curious to know if perhaps in the works or even considered?
The other advantage to this is being able to use my day job PC (which is fully restricted), save files on icloud drive, and read them/edit later in Agenda. Does that make sense?
If anyone has any suggestions for shortcuts to easily get notes/overviews saved in markdown in files app at a particular folder, Id be very interested/grateful as well in meantime!

I also have this problem😮‍💨

We do have ideas about something like this, and have even experimented with it a bit. It is quite a challenge, but would be nice to add, mainly for people on Windows and other platforms.

Note that you can already import markdown files, so I assume what you are after is being able to keep a set of markdown files in sync with Agenda notes. That is actually really difficult, because Agenda notes have a lot more extra data than what you see in markdown. True markdown editors don’t have this problem.

Still, it would be possible to do, if you accept that making an edit in the markdown may lead to some non-markdown data going missing in the Agenda app. (Eg. if you had set a color on the text in Agenda, editing the markdown will remove that because markdown doesn’t store the color.)

Conclusion: it is possible to do something, and we want to, it’s just a question of finding some time to fit it in.


Good to hear! I do get theres lots “on the agenda” that will take precedence :slight_smile: But theres hope at least!

The more important goal for me with this would be the ability to directly access/create links between my notes and documents that are already in icloud files app (icloud drive) without manually importing, creating those links within the app. I do a lot of linking/back and forth both with my personal writing projects as well as with work notes and documents.

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