Agenda and collaborating

I occasionally see requests for collaboration functionality in Agenda.

I use Notion, Quip and GDrive for collaboration with different clients. Based on that experience I’m pretty certain I would not want to use Agenda for collaboration!

Agenda is my personal space, with my structure, my quirks. I don’t have to thing about making it work for anyone else or be constrained by other people’s expectations - which is a pain with the other services, though they have other strengths.

That said, I do sometimes start writing in Agenda and then want to get feedback on it from other people. Being able to share a single note for that purpose could be useful. I’d want comments and suggestions. I wouldn’t want people to be able edit the text without me being able to roll back changes. And that takes me back to the fact that for me, Agenda is personal: I’d like feedback on a note, but it’s still my note, I have the final say on what goes in it!

The type of collaboration features we have in mind would indeed take this important aspect in mind, that it should be very clear when things are private and when things are shared, where if you stop sharing or exit the shared notes you’d get your own copy which you can change to your own liking, add your own comments, etc without others seeing those changes.


I’ll echo what @mekentosj said. Indeed, Agenda will not end up being Slack, a full on social collaborative tool. We will begin with just sharing a single note, like you say.

I take it from your post that you would like to have some sort of permission control over a shared note. Eg. Anyone invited can edit it; only I can edit it. We can consider that. Might indeed be a good option.