Agenda access to mic

What I did: opened Agenda 10 Beta

What happened: OverSight-App I have running on my iMac did notify me, that Agenda does want to access the mic.

What I expected: Agenda not using the mic.

Is that expected behaviour? Why is Agenda trying to access the mic?
Can you please explain?

What device was this? An iOS device? Or macOS?

I can’t think of a reason for that. I guess it could have to do with Siri, but I will check.

I investigated this more. I do indeed see this warning on iOS when I go to add a video. That makes sense, because it has to record the audio for the video. So I think that probably explains it.

Kind regards,

hi drew - that is happening on the imac - so macOS

In that case it must be a false positive because Agenda doesn’t have sandbox access to the microphone. The system would also pop up a permission request dialog if it really attempted to access the microphone.

hmmmm. I’ll monitor and get back to you if I encounter a pattern.