Agenda 17 doesn't play well with Stage Manager

What I did: I opened a note as I normally would, and attempted to format some text.

What happened: Windows started alternating between one another, and unless I hit Shift+Left Click to bring both windows on the same level I wouldn’t be able to do anything. Also, upon detaching the formatting popover I could not close it.

What I expected: That the popover would stick to the original window and that it would close when I, and only when I tell it to :roll_eyes:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Verze 17.0.2 (271) - Mac App Store

Unfortunately this is a limit/bug in Apple Stage Manager implementation where they don’t properly take floating windows into account, we’ve filed a bug report with them, hopefully they’ll resolve the issue, not much we can do, for one because we currently don’t even have a way of knowing whether you are using Stage Manager in the first place as developers :man_shrugging: