Agenda 16

If my memory survives Agenda’s next version theme may include more color options/highlights and maybe collaboration. I wonder if @drewmccormack and @mekentosj will continue with a native collaboration function or be able to leverage the collaboration options announced at wwdc. Regardless excited to see the next year of agenda. Keep up the good work!

Yes, those are the things we are working on now.

I haven’t had a chance to look in detail at what Apple have announced in collaboration, but as far as I know, it is just some integration with messages. We will try to leverage that. It will just be a way to invite people via a different route.

The actual collaborative editing can’t be taken over by Apple. They basically just give you a way to invite others via FaceTime and Messages. The actual collaboration has to be completely custom, and we have been working on that bit.

Note that Apple did announce better collaboration integration in their own apps, but that is separate from the new “SharePlay” feature. They no doubt built it on top of the new SharePlay features.

In any case, we are diving in now to see what we can use.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for providing such a great app @drewmccormack and @mekentosj any updates on the agenda 16 timeline thanks a ton. Any teases/insights would be great :blush:

The next release will actually be Agenda 15. We haven’t got a firm release date, but we are certainly eye-ing the time period when Apple release their new operating systems. We tend to have a release at that time of year. Generally Sept-Oct range.

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