Agenda 13 download leaves version 12

What I did: I downloaded Agenda 13 from the App Store

What happened: 13 imported all of my Agenda 12 information, but now I can’t figure out how to get rid of Agenda 12. 13 doesn’t show up as a separate app in my Finder

What I expected:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): MacBook Pro 2015 BigSur Version 11.2.3

The App Store should install Agenda 13 in the Applications folder, replacing Agenda 12. Are you saying you somehow have a copy of Agenda 12 somewhere? In general, one version updates the other, so you are just left with the very latest version (Agenda 13).

Yes - both Agenda 12 AND 13 are on my computer and active. When I search in Finder (Applications) or the Launchpad, only the Agenda 12 version pops up. I have to open 13 from the downloads folder in my dock.

Very odd. Are you sure you used the Mac App Store? I would expect it to be in the downloads folder if you downloaded from our web site.

What I recommend is this: drag both copies of Agenda to the trash, and empty trash. Then install it again. If you used the Mac App Store, use that, and otherwise download at Make sure you drag the downloaded Agenda to the Applications folder (if it isn’t already in there).

(Note that your data is not kept in the app, so you can safely delete the app and reinstall.)

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