After updating the software’s window is blurred

Hi, thank your team,the problem of superscript’s shortcut is solved in your new version release

However,a new case I had found,that is,the software’s window is blurred like the picture described below.

It is very uncomfortable to work with Agenda. Even though I relaunch the app or restart Mac, the problem is still there, while the problem didn’t appear before I update the newest Agenda, that is before I update Agenda, the window is clear enough.

I don’t know what’s happen, can you help me or fix the case?( I don’t know whether others had confused by that.)

Ps: My system software version is 10.14.6 ( macOS Mojave)

A premium pro member, from China.

Thanks a lot. Have a good day!

Are you on a retina or non-retina screen, and is this a built-in or external screen?

Retina,MacBook Air 2018,macOS mojave

The Agenda window is very clear definitely few days ago,after updating,it turns blurred.


Strange, we’ll have a look whether we can reproduce it on 10.14

Thanks a lot !


I tested on 10.14, but it looks OK to me.

Here are some things you can try:

  1. Restart your Mac
  2. Resize the Agenda window
  3. Quit Agenda, drag it to the trash, empty trash, and reinstall it.

It seems like it is a glitch for you only, but I am not sure what would cause it.

Kind regards,

I had forgotten my older (retina) MacBook pro is also still running 10.14.6. I just checked and indeed like Drew reported, also here things look perfectly fine and sharp. Have a look if any of the suggestions from Drew make a difference.

Oh, I had contact with the Apple support. Following their guide, I reboot My Mac under the safe mode and reset the NVRAM, that’s ok now.
The issue disappear.
Thanks a lot, it is very kind of you.The experience of becoming the premium of Agenda is fantastic, I am so luck to use the tool,I think.

Kind regards and have a good day!
Ming Samadhi

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Oh wow, would have never linked it to that but very happy to hear that fixed it. And thank you so much for your kind words and your support! Enjoy Agenda!