After edit the content, collapsing the note will rollback edits

What I did:
After edit thw note title, I collapsed the note

What happened:
The edited content is rolled back to the original one

What I expected:
Then edited content remains

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Latest Agenda v5.2
It seems other platform agenda has the similar issue.

The demo will be showed in the following link,
The hiking ia edited to dinner, but it rolls back to hiking after collapsing the notes. The content shoq be auto saved once typed a word, otherwise, if i typed many words, it will be just disappear if i collapse it.

There is indeed an issue with saving of the title in this release. We have a fix coming.

One way to trigger the title to save is to update the title, and then make a small edit in the note content. Usually that works.

The fix should not be long. A few days.

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