After deleting a project, "On the Agenda“ is on focus

I have several categories.
Now I deleted (with a control-click) a project inside a category.
The project disappears.
And the list in the left menu jumps back to „On the Agenda“ and is the selected item now.
Now I have to scroll down back to the category where I have just deleted the project.
Better would be it the project is selected which is after the one which I deleted.
In case it is the last Project in a category select the one before. If the deleted one was the only one, select the Category.
But not jump back to „On the Agenda“ after deleting a project.

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Thanks for reporting, we’ll see if this can be improved.

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I hope you understood my „English“. Sometimes difficult to describe a problem …

A quick screen recording is often the easiest, but this should be more than enough to reproduce I’d think.

Ok, will try it later today.