Advanced templates

Feature request: Advanced templates

I love that the dynamic features like dates work in the templates and that they get run when the template is applied, not edited :slight_smile:

But I would like to do more in templates:

  • Control if the resulting note is on the agenda or not
  • Control if the resulting note is assigned a date based on a relative date (today, yesterday and so on)
  • Control if the resulting notes is related to a date event

I can already do this using shortcuts, but it would be more elegant smooth if one could use just templates.

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Great idea +1 here.

You can already set a template to be on or off On The Agenda! Simply select which you want in the title of the template (the note part, not the template name)


Hi, bentzen,

There is a way to do that, but you will have to create an apple shortcut. Here’s the workflow:

  1. A text input query used as the name of the note, so when you run the shortcut, you type in the name you want
  2. Create a note with the template and the name (the text input query) by using agenda xcallback scheme. You can define its template and decide if it’s on the agenda and give it a relative date.
  3. After you create the note with apple shortcut, go to agenda to assign the date event.

Actually, you can directly assign events to a note with xcallback, but I just can’t be certain where is that event, so I ask you to manually assign it. If you have the name of the event and you are certain that you won’t change it anymore, then it’s possible to assign it during the xcallback phase.

Hi again jaxhunterx

I know, but it’s even easier to just use the shortcut directly, which is what i use now :slight_smile:

Could you explain how @tresbo?

Go to Manage Templates, select the title (I sometimes have to adjust the window size to make this show), then click the OTA button and select away!

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Indeed, On or Off On the Agenda is already possible as @trebso shows. The date options is something that would be nice to add indeed.