Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. Does this affect Agenda?

Apple has recently announced client-side end-to-end encryption on most of its cloud services](iCloud data security overview - Apple Support).

This includes

Pages, Keynote, and Numbers documents, PDFs, Safari downloads, or any other files manually or automatically saved to iCloud Drive.

Does this include apps that save on iCloud Drive; hence, will Agenda content be client-side encrypted?

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Here is there relevant part of the document:

Third-party app data stored in iCloud is always encrypted in transit and on server. When you turn on Advanced Data Protection, third-party app data stored in iCloud Backup and CloudKit encrypted fields and assets are end-to-end encrypted.

We are using CloudKit for sync, but we don’t use “encrypted fields”, which I believe are relatively new. We will certainly investigate this in future, and see whether we can do this in a straightforward way.

Note that this wouldn’t affect Dropbox sync. If we want an encryption system that works across services, it may be better for us to implement our own encryption with a user password.

That would be great, thank you.