Address linking uses screen space



When I attach a note to the current location, the app inserts the address into the top of the note - taking up many lines and with wide line spacing. This consumes almost all the viewable space, esp. on a phone, with info that isn’t really that important IMO. Can’t it be compressed by default or something?


Can you explain what “attach a note to the current location” means? Do you mean a calendar event?



Now I’m forgetting what I actually did! Looking at the note, it looks like I connected it to a calendar event, and that event had an address in the location field. The address got pasted into the top of the note. Unfortunately, I edited the address out of the note since it was getting in my way. Now when I try to make this happen again by linking a note to an event, nothing gets pasted into the note. ???


Indeed, what you describe is what happens when you link an event to a note without content or create a new note from a link, in that case Agenda will copy the location, invitees and notes of the event in the Agenda note. It’s just text so if you don’t want it you can just select and delete it. To prevent it from being inserted in the first place a workaround is to first create a note, add some content in it and then link to the calendar event. It won’t copy in those event details in that case.


Thanks. That makes sense. Hey, don’t I know you from someplace? … :slight_smile: