Additions to x-callback-url for Reminders

Would it be possible to use x-callback-url on remiders’ identifier ?

When we create a reminder the link passed in the reminder app is using the reminder’s identifier rather than the note’s identifier. Hence it would be handy to have a x-callback-url looking like that : agenda://x-callback-url/open-reminder?identifier=xxxxxxxx-xxx-xxx-xxxx
The result of the callback being the note’s name or identifier.

Then to go one step further, could existing callback like this : agenda://x-callback-url/open-note?identifier=xxxxxxx-xxx-xxx-xxxx return the project’s name or identifier? Idem for projects returning category name or identifier.

The reason I’m asking is because I have several reminders that all have the same name but in different projects/categories. Hence when in the reminder app, I don’t know which is in which project (I could create one reminder list per project but there is way too many and creating the reminders wouldn’t be as simple even with the actions shortcut). Having this callback results would allow for a shortcuts that retrieve these information and input it in the reminder note.


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We haven’t looked much at what the Shortcuts app returns for reminders, but indeed what you suggest makes sense provided the reminder identifier the shortcuts app returns is indeed something we can map back to reminders through the interface Apple makes available through the calendar framework us developers have to interact with. We’ll investigate, thanks for the suggestion!