Additional note metadata, e.g. creation/modification date, tags

As far as I can tell there are approximately four items of metadata associated with each note: title, assigned date, parent project, and whether or not it’s on the agenda.

I’m wondering if in the future it might be possible to associate additional metadata parameters with notes? For example, date/time of note creation and date/time of most-recent date modification. Also, it can be useful to associate a tag with an entire note, as opposed to inserting one in-line. (for example, one might wish to tag a particular note as #grocery-list and then individual items within as #fruits or #vegetables)

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We do store things like edited date and creation date internally, but don’t yet expose this. It’s on the (long) to do list. Regarding tagging, we on purposely didn’t want to make a separation between note tags vs content tags, if you wan to tag the “entire note” we would suggest to simply add such text at the first or last line of the note.

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Thanks. I’ll look forward to a modification interface (for creation/edited dates) whenever you get around to this.

On a related note, I just thought an additional possible parameter that might be useful: geographical coordinates (perhaps pulled from Location Services). is that also feasible at some point in the future?

It’s probably not something we’d capture automatically out of privacy concerns, but could perhaps allow for using a command (e.g. Insert Location).

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yes, makes sense. perhaps you could design some sort of opt-in preference to automatically capture/record location with a newly-created note (in the same way that one can opt to have new notes put on the agenda or not), and for those who do not select this, add the ability to manually add or associate location date on a case-by-case (or note-by-note) basis. perhaps this might maximize both respect for user privacy and flexibility.