Adding Soft Return to selection... is it possible?

Is it possible to select some text and apply the Soft Return to all of it without doing it one line at a time?
If not, this would be a good feature, in my opinion. When copy-pasting text from other apps such as Text Edit where the spacing is smaller, it would be good to format the pasted text by adding the Soft Return to a selection.

It’s an interesting idea. Thanks! We’ll consider it.

Note that you can control paragraph spacing if you have the premium features. If you prefer the zero spacing of other apps, that might be an option.

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Thanks for replying, Drew.
Yes, that feature is helpful.
Yet, I think that adding the option to add the soft return to a selection could be helpful. Maybe adding zero spacing as the default would not work well in all situations where the soft return would.
Just a thought…

Keep up the great work. Loving the app so far and definitely considering buying the premium.

I guess the best solution would be just having a search and replace feature that would work to replace newlines with soft returns. Will keep it in mind. Thanks!

That could be a workaround, but also extra work that could be avoided.
It’s not that I use that feature all the time in other apps (actually most text apps such as Pages and all that, I just use Return once for a normal like - soft return - or twice for a new paragraph, so no big deal). I just find it useful since you offer the soft return in the first place.

So is your solution that you select some text, then press the normal soft return button, and rather than replacing the current text with a soft return, it replaces all new lines with soft returns?

That may indeed be a pretty easy solution.

Yes, selecting a few lines (in this case, by default, Agenda sees them as individual paragraphs) and then using a shortcut or right clicking to add the soft return, would apply soft returns to all of those lines.

Will consider it. Thanks!