Adding Side-Notes

In short: It would be nice to be able to add side-notes for every paragraph. They could appear on the right of that paragraph.

First of all, I want to explain where this idea comes from:
I am a teacher and as a teacher I often take notes and connect them to calendar events: Mainly specific lessons or meetings.

Oftentimes I make plans for my lessons and with Agenda’s great functionality it makes it very easy to move notes or paragraphs around, so it’s great for me to move around things I could not get to or things I decided to manage at a different date.

When making plans for lessons or for meetings, I do plan in sections, which are always tied to a specific duration. F.e. I want my students to work on a specific task for 15 minutes or I want to talk about a matter for 10 minutes before moving on to something else.

Having side-notes would make it a lot easier for me to see these specific „side-notes“ (such as planned durations of sections or material I need for a specific section or any other annotation) in a glance as opposed to having them in-line.

As for adding side-notes, one idea I had was inputting text between two semicolons like the following:

  • Solving task 5.3 in Book of Maths ;5 min;

Another functionality of side-notes would be, that they’re always connected to that paragraph, so if I decided to copy and paste a paragraph the side note would move with it.

Side Notes
  • The side-notes should probably be able to move the next paragraph down on their own, if the side-note is longer than the connected paragraph.
  • The width of paragraphs with side-notes is shortened to make space for side-notes.
  • Side-notes could probably be hidden altogether by pressing a button or hotkey.
  • Optionally, if I added another side-note inside one paragraph, both side-notes would just appear on the side seperated by a comma, a semicolon or in a new line.
  • The side-notes should be editable and removable.
  • Side-notes could also be connected to a commenting functionality, so that if I add a comment somewhere (like asked for in other threads), I could also enable to see them as side-notes.

I’m happy to hear what you think about this idea.

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Thanks for the feedback! Sounds like an interesting idea, and have seen it in a few apps. Will take it along as an idea. thanks!


This would address my request a while back for inline comments that could be hidden.


I do something similar using footnotes and links as a work around.

I also was reminded while doing this, @drewmccormack that we could really use “Open Link in New Window” command!

Test Project 2.agenda (1.8 KB)

Just following up on this bit, what exactly would you like to see here?

Thanks for asking. Open in Window does not honor links. Currently from the main Ag window, right clicking a link and selecting “Open in Window” opens a copy of the note the link resides in rather than opening a new window to contain the destination of the link. Then, if you click the link from the new window, it opens the item linked to in the original window. I find this unintuitive and cumbersome at best.

When trying to reference multiple notes on the original subject it’s truly aggravating; a Lamborghini with a steering problem.

Ok, we’ll take a look at this workflow, thanks for the clarification