Adding quick links in the middle of a paragraph

Can you create quick links in the middle of a paragraph of a note?

What I did:

I was writing a note in Agenda. As I was writing, I realised I wanted to create a quick link to another note in the middle of the note.

What happened:

I typed [[ and the action menu appeared offering to create a new note.

However, when I typed [[ at the end of a paragraph, the action menu appeared with a list of existing notes, so I could choose the linked note.

What I expected:

The same behaviour in the middle and end of a paragraph. I realise this may be a bit tricky, as when you’re in the middle of a paragraph there is text following the [[ which (I’m guessing) Agenda is interpreting as the search text for the quick link action.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Agenda 14.0 on MacOS

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Exactly, this is the challenge, everything after the [[ is interpreted as a search query. One solution might be to require no space directly after the [[ I guess, we’ll see if that can be improved.

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Yes - requiring no space makes sense to me, but I can imagine it not being intuitive for all users. Thanks for giving it some thought - and for the great version 14!

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We’ll give it a try to see how it feels.

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