Adding options for Reminders

I’m starting to use reminders in Agenda to remind me to follow up with people after networking meetings.

I type \reminder and the pop-up shows various pre-set options, eg 5 mins, Tuesday

But I want to select ‘after 4 weeks’ ‘after 2 months’ etc. It’s a bit of a pain navigating the calendar to set these.

Is it possible to edit the preset options? If not, perhaps in future?

You can’t change the presets, but note that it is an autocompletion menu. If you just start typing a letter or two of the preset duration, it should reduce the menu to just a few items.

This might also be a good use case for a text shortcut like with Text Expander, or Apple’s built in keyboard expansions. Just type a short piece of text (eg rr2weeks) and it will expand to your favorite option.

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