Adding Note Topic to the original PDF

Hi, I am a product manager as well as a huge fan of Agenda. The feature of building stucture into notes is very great. However, I notice something that might be a thing to be improved while showing the note at the original PDF, which completely lose the structure. Base on that I suggest “add the topic of a note to the begining of the first paragraph in the note”. I think it would help understanding the structure of the original material better.

With “topic” do you mean the title of the note, or the project or category it belongs to? Could you make a screenshot and perhaps highlight or do a quick and dirty sketch of what you have in mind?

sorry, i realized that I’ve posted it to the wrong app community (i was a suggestion to marginnote). However, I do want to suggest to support multi-window in Agenda, in the scenario of writing a summary after taking a lot of notes. Thank you