Adding new notes very quick -> app gets slow

What I did:

  • Empty project
  • Adding new notes by clicking on the plus beside the search - but by fast clicking on the plus!

What happened:

  • partly nothing after adding a few notes, the app gets very slow, selecting notes not possible. Changing the projects does not update the notes.
  • Only a restart of the app helped

What I expected:
Adding notes without app gets slower …

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
beta 2.2 (newest version)

Are you syncing with iCloud by any chance? Next time the app slows down, can you take a sample using the Activity Monitor app? This would help us get a look at what the app is doing.

Yes, it was turned ON.
I turned it OFF. But with the same result.
I created to Spindumps (this what you menat by Sampkles?) would like to send it by mail.

I also send two crash reports created direct from the Agenda (after restating a „Sending crash report“ window appeard). Did you receive these?

Thanks for both, received and will investigate.

I guess the problem of Agenda gets slower/crashes/mixing up notes while adding notes very quick by using the + (beside the search) is connected to the „slow“ display of new notes:

  1. very short break
  2. existing notes moved down
  3. drawing the yellow box, adding calendar symbol and more.

All these steps (and all what happens in the background) need time. And adding a new note while e.g. still the existing note are in „movement“ Agenda gets confused and mixes things up …

It reminds me of the calculator bug in the iOS - the small animation after tapping a „key“ mixed something up …