Adding inline links to calendar events

I would really like the ability to add an inline link in a note to a calendar event. I can link an entire note to an event, which is great, but sometimes I want to simply reference another event. For example, if I’m taking notes for a meeting, and we talk about the previous meeting, I’d like to be able to put a link to that event in my note for reference. This would be helpful both so I can easily see the details of that event, and so I can use that to jump to any associated notes for that event.

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I just tried this, and it seems to work OK on the Mac: Simply drag an event from Calendar into a note in Agenda. It will appear as an attachment. If you like, you can click it and change it to inline style.

When you double click the token, it will open calendar. You can even quicklook it and get the calendar.

That exports the event from Calendar and embeds it. That makes it effectively a snapshot of the current state of the event, trying to open it will attempt to re-import it into Calendar, and of course that doesn’t solve my secondary use-case of being able to jump to Agenda notes associated with the existing event in my calendar.

To jump to notes from the calendar, you would have to Copy As > Agenda Link, and paste that in calendar.

I just double checked what happens when I double click the attachment, and it definitely just takes me to calendar and shows me the event. No new event. So it works just like a link.


In Agenda, if I look at the calendar sidebar, and click on an event that has an Agenda note, Agenda offers to let me jump to that note. There’s no chance I’m going to embed an Agenda note link into the details of an event on my calendar.

Embedding a caldav event into an Agenda note is a non-starter for the reasons I previously mentioned, and manually linking to any Agenda notes that happen to already be on that event at the time I want to link to the event is also a non-starter (besides being cumbersome, that wouldn’t work if I haven’t written the associated note yet).

I basically just want to embed a link that, when clicked, provides the same functionality I get by clicking an event in the sidebar, where I can jump to an associated note and/or show the event in my calendar app. I suppose since it’s an inline event it wouldn’t have much detail so ideally the link dropdown would also show me the date/time and event summary (which the sidebar already shows). Heck, it could even just highlight the event in the sidebar itself and show me the dropdown on the sidebar, as if I had clicked the event in the sidebar.

Unfortunately Apple doesn’t have a URL scheme that allows linking to a specific event in the calendar, it’s one of the reasons why when you select “Show Event in Calendar” it only scrolls to the day of the event but doesn’t select/highlight the event itself. I’m afraid there’s not much we can do here.

Again, I’m not trying to link directly to an event in I’m trying to link to an event in Agenda’s calendar sidebar. From there I can Show Event In Calendar (and live with the fact that you can’t jump to the event, just to the day), or more importantly, show an existing note already linked to that event.

The events shown in the calendar sidebar are the events in your calendar app. So when you try to link to such an event we establish a link between the event in your calendar app and your note. As said, we only allow this kind of event <-> note linking to be for the entire note, there’s no way to create a link between an individual paragraph in your note and the event. This is a deliberate choice we are unlikely to change.

An alternative would be if Apple would allow you to create some kind of URL that you could say copy from the Agenda app (or we could generate for you within Agenda) and paste in your note such that when it’s clicked it would open the calendar app. But alas, Apple doesn’t have ways to do this.

Here’s the use-case I want to solve:

I have a meeting. I reference something we talked about in the previous meeting. I want a quick way to jump to my notes for that previous meeting.

The obvious solution is to take my reference to the previous meeting and actually link it to the calendar event (a unidirectional link, unlike the current bidirectional association), such that clicking the link lets me jump to the note for that meeting (or add a note if I never made one; potentially useful for future meetings where I want to start planning).

I could link directly to the existing note, but that only works if I already have a note for the meeting, which I probably won’t yet if I’m referencing a future meeting.

I see where you’re coming from, but I do think the solution is to use Agenda links in combination with already creating a note for that future meeting. Without that note there would also be nothing to jump at in one step if you created a link to the event.

Something which seems to work is dragging an event from the Calendar app into the Agenda text. You end up with an attachment, but double clicking that seems to open Calendar at that event. (Make sure the cursor is in the text before dragging.)

Just a little more on this: it seems that standard events work OK the way I mentioned, ie, dragging them into Agenda, but that repeating events can do strange things. So if you are going to use this trick, best not with repeating events.

[Edit: I had no idea what I was talking about.]

I was surprised to see that I couldn’t just create an event inline. I guess it depends on the granularity one uses in notes. I like to have a note for the day with tasks and events in-line rather than individual notes per event… Maybe that’s an unusual wish.

It has indeed been requested a few times but it’s not a frequent request. I can see how it could be useful but we don’t think it warrants the added complexity and confusion it can give. We prefer to keep events strictly at the note level and reminders strictly at the inline level. It reduces the amount of options and UI, as well as keeps things more clearly separated.

I definitely see your point! Having used Agenda longer now, I better understand the focus on the note as the fundamental unit. The way I was trying to organize things grew out of using paper to write out days, flagging events and reminders as in bullet journal.

An intermediate idea could be a fast way to dump a day of calendar data (as markup text) to clipboard. That way old-school types like me can use Agenda as intended, and still be able to quickly generate a day summary when needed.

Thanks so much for listening! I can see why your apps work so well. :slight_smile:

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