Adding emoji via a point and click palette

A newbie to Agenda…

At present I am doing a copy paste of emoji on my notes. Is there a better way to add emojis , say point and click from an emoji list or palette (like Slack has).


Hi jshah.jshah,
If you use Agenda on iOS or iPadOS I suppose you are familiar with the emoji keyboard. But if you are on macOS there’s a quite useful keyboard shortcut that work on almost every text box you are writing in. Just as opening Spotlight Search with ⌘␣, you should press:


and an input-unobtrusive window will pop up very similar to the emojy keyboard, with the Frequently used on top ecc. I say input-unobtrusive beacuse it will not change your cursor’s focus but it keeps it where it was so you can continue typing while adding emoji.
But if you need more symbols (just as I did earlier to insert ⌘), just press that icon in the upper right and a larger window with a list on the left and a grid with symbols on the right will substitute the light-emoji one.
This is a system feature so I think that they will not add it as an Agenda feature
Hope this was helpful,


Indeed the current solution @RoboRich is pointing at gives you this ability in any app on the system. We do plan to make it even easier in a future update but till that time this gives you a solution.