Adding Agenda notes to Popclip

On my Macbook, I use Popclip.

It’s very handy. I select something anywhere on my computer and the little popup menu gives me opportunity to perform quick actions, like adding a task, search by Google (images/videos etc.) and so on.

It would be fantastic if Agenda Notes would work with Popclip! Consider it a wish, with low priority on my regard, because inline pictures are much more important to me!


We’ll have a look but as you say, unless it can tap into already existing ways it won’t have high priority.

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Just want to upvote this proposal.

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Make sure to create a project called “Snippets”…


Really very cool. Make sure the project name is exactly “Snippets”!

Wow! Thanks so much! It works like charm and really fast! I’m a happy camper!

Thanks again for your work!


Great extension. Thanks @marc.boulos. :smiley: