Adding a single link note

Maybe this is available and I’m not grasping it completely. I found a website I would like to store a reference to in Agenda. I tried pasting the URL in the title, and thinking I could collapse that. But it didn’t work. I suppose that makes sense, since an URL is a poor title to scan by.

I am thinking that showing the title, but having it link to the page would be perfect.

But maybe it isn’t? Does someone else store single links this way? I suppose I could make a single note with several links too. But it would be nice to have a single entry with date so I could see it in context of the historical progression of a project.

I’m afraid you’re thinking too “granularly”, in that a single URL shouldn’t normally translate to a single note, like it might in Evernote or other apps. Instead unless you have a bunch of remarks, findings, comments etc about that particular website (in case it makes sense to have a note in Agenda for that website where you’d collect all these), you’d normally have a note in which the content would be one or more websites. For example, this is a screenshot from my personal library with a bunch of relevant links to developers divided over 3 notes:

This is more how Agenda is meant to be used then say any of those 9 links shown in the screenshot translating to 9 individual notes.

Thank you for the clarification. Trying to befriend Agenda again, I am in the position where I generate various types of content and need to put it in sensible containers.

In this case I had a link to, which I know I will want to reference next time I build a colour picker. The site is highly visual and I find it more useful to visit the site than it is to read my own thoughts on it.

My link might make more sense as a browser bookmark or on a “read later” list. But then it also belongs to our theme project, and so there is the urge to file it in the “most correct” location straight away—wherever that might be.

I realise that this case might not be common, but at least I tried to explain it for future reference.

I’ve done both. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way here. Whatever works for you :slight_smile:

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