Add whole project to On the Agenda

A small tweak of a suggestion:
I am teaching a workshop tomorrow that has a whole string of connected sessions. As I have prepared for it, I have made a calendar entry and linked Agenda note for each hour of instruction, and there are a couple of other notes with other related info. I have all of these organized into a project (I teach a lot of these, and decided to have an area for teaching with a separate timed project for each event).
Today as the workshop comes on the horizon the only thing I really want On the Agenda for the next 60 hours or so is everything in this project. It would be nice to be able to add the whole project to On the Agenda somehow instead of note by note.
(An alternative actually would be to give the option of having the app open in a particular project. The key thing on this scenario is that I would like a convenient way of having the app open into a larger single set of notes for a specific time period, since during one of these workshops I can attend to little else.)
Thanks for considering. I love the app.

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One possible solution might be to create a saved search, on the date of the teaching? Doesn’t open Agenda with those notes, but would get you straight there.

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Indeed, a saved search might help. But can’t you just open the project? And perhaps add a search filter to the project for the dates you need?

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Sure I can open the project or search for the notes, that is why this is a small tweak not a new feature. But the app defaults to On the Agenda on opening. While I am teaching it would be nice (not essential, nice) to be able to leap straight into my teaching notes for that session. I thought the whole point of On the Agenda was to provide another way of focusing. My point is simply that in my usage scenario I want to focus on 10-15 specific notes for a couple of days, and adding them one by one is mildly laborious (if hardly life-changing). Think of it as smoothing the workflow,

To put it more succinctly, the problem is not that there are not ways of finding my notes, it is that I find myself wanting to add them to and remove then from Agenda an organized dozen at a time.

I guess if the Note > Mark as On the Agenda worked for more than one note, you would have what you want, correct?

(I was surprised that didn’t work to be honest. We will ensure it does.)


Exactly! If I could either Mark>On the Agenda for multiple notes at once or do it for the whole project at once it would smooth things a little and keep me from opening the app to a blank Agenda page and navigating to my project because it feels less work than placing all the project notes on the project on the agenda. (Maybe this last thing is the key workflow matter: that it feels like more work in this usage instance to use the Agenda page than not to use it)
Thanks for listening!
Love the app either way.

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