Add to end of list by default



When adding new note, please give option to ad to bottom of list, not the top


Hi Jim,
Notes are added in chronological order. By default, Agenda has the newest notes at the top. If you want the newest at the bottom, just reverse the order. You can do this by clicking/tapping the project title at the top of the screen. This brings up a menu, and at the very bottom is the sort order.
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Thank you, but it would be great if there were a preference toggle for how you want it to behave when adding new notes


Also, if I’ve manually sorted any notes, then won’t changing the sort order as you’ve described mess up my manual sort?


The timeline is a very important aspect of Agenda, and it wouldn’t make much sense to put a new note in the oldest part of a project.

Notes do keep their proper order, even when reversed. That is, the timeline of notes is completely reversed. Notes you manually ordered keep there relative position, but in the reversed timeline.