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When I tap the little up arrow that brings up share sheets (?) I see “add to things”, “copy”, “ send email”, etc, but not “add to Agenda”, which I think would be SO GREAT!

(Btw) this is odd, the “similar topics” note overlays what I am trying to type and obscures it!? Weird. Thank you!

We have ideas for this. The first problem to solve is where to put the text you add in the extension. Ie which project etc.

But we have ideas and are planning to add this functionality.

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In the “Things” approach, the addition goes into a default bucket, the “Inbox”. To follow this model, you would have to add an “added imports” bucket to Agenda.

In the “Notes” approach, you can choose the “New note” option and are presented with a list of Notes folders. Also, you may append to an existing note. To follow this model, you would need to write more interface code for the Agenda user’s “Add to” step & they be presented with a decision at that point as to where to put it (another step)

For what it’s worth, when I use “Add To” on the iPhone, it is almost always for Things (which I find less unwieldy than emailing stuff to myself). Everything goes into the default bucket and I sort it out later into its project folder when I look at it on the Mac.

Cheers! George

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Check out DEVONThink to Go. It provides a "Clip to DEVONThink " Share option that allows for creating a Title, selecting a Database and assigning a tag. Don’t see why Agenda couldn’t supply the same thing.

Agenda does not have an Inbox, and I’m not sure we want to go that way. In any case, we have been thinking about how best to solve this for Agenda, and we have a plan. It’s just a question of finding the time to do it.

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Can’t wait to see your ideas for it! I think the question of an Inbox, or alternative solutions to it, is quite important in order to make the workflow with Agenda going smoothly. Can we have some anticipations about these ideas?

AH, the curse of releasing a World Class app to the eager masses! :wink:

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