Add support for "0." numbered list items (at the top of a list)

I don’t know how difficult this would be to implement, but one feature I miss from taking notes (in my Thunderbird drafts) was the free text ability to add "0. " at the beginning of a line (and not have it be converted into a sequenced number).

The reason I would do this was so that I could add items such as “0. Waiting: PR 7 to be merged” to be kept at the top of my quick manually managed to-do list agenda, allowing me to notice it agian and encourage me to check back back on the item, but yet not with the implied urgency of a "1. ", "2. ", etc. item (which I used for action items I can take proactively right now). If these “zero-items” were added automatically to the top of the list, that could work (even being preferable), though noting that I sometimes find adding “00.” or “000.” for sorting even within those zero items to be useful if that would be possible. Of course, as I have time to take a step back, I may move these zero items or other items out of a manually curated list into the formal “On the Agenda” as separate projects, etc., but it is nice to have for these shorter immediate to-do lists that may temporarily expand.

Thanks for the feedback!

It sounds like some powerful usage. Probably a bit too specific to be a general feature. We may at some point allow some control over the numbering, and perhaps then you can get it to do what you want.

For now, you could consider using something other than a . Eg. (0) Waiting: …

Another option would be to start the line with something different. Eg. a #waiting tag or something like that.

Thanks again! It’s useful to know what people are after when we come to plan features.

Kind regards,