Add pref for default to https vs http on links?

I often deal with situations where I’m building a URL in notes that isn’t pasted into place fully formed. When Agenda sees what looks like a link, it does a nice job of making it active. I find that it assumes http, though, and I get burned sometimes when those links leave Agenda and need to be https.

Am I missing an option or behavior or would it be possible to make a preference for the default assumption?

If you type the https in the link, I believe it should be preserved. Is that not what you are seeing?

Or are you just typing things like, and that ends up with http?

Per your second example, yes, I’m referring to a case where it is recognizing a domain name/url format from the raw text without http/https having yet been a part of what was entered. In this case, the embedded link assumes http and I need to edit it directly (if I remember to do so) to become https.

On a side note, I might add that the recognition process is both handy and somewhat frustrating sometimes. There is a sort of timing issue that comes into play. For instance, if I want to change the text of what had been deemed a link, anything I change will remain part of the blue link if I sort of type it fast enough. :slight_smile: If you pause a slight bit in the process, you will end up with part of it as a link and the new part you type as plain text. At this point you end up sometimes in a sort of side game of highlighting and editing things in an attempt to bind it all back together into a cohesive link. It doesn’t always seem to keep your changes to the “edit link” field results either.

None of this is a crisis and I recognize what the intentions and behaviors are, but I still seem to tangle with the behaviors with great regularity and trip on bits of it in the otherwise smooth flow of editing.

Hope this description makes sense and thanks for engaging in the topic! :slight_smile: Love the app and recommend it heavily to friends all the time.

Unfortunately the link conversion is done by the system, we cannot easily influence it picking https:// over http://. I guess this still stems from the fact that until recently it wasn’t as common as it suddenly has become (thanks to Google’s pressure to prioritise https links in search results). Perhaps Apple will change it in the future indeed.

Regarding the mid-URL-typing save issue, I’ll try to see if this can be improved. As a workaround, what does work is to use the left arrow key to go one character inside of the link, any typing will then extend the link with the new text, the only thing to do is then to either forward-delete or use right-arrow + backspace to the last character of the url. Not super pretty but it works.

Update: Agenda 14 now supports much more reliable link parsing and editing, be sure to give it a try.