Add more overview items


Is it possible, or something you guys might be working on, to add items to the overview part.
I would like to be able to add notes to the following items:
Today (already there)

Or is there a workaround that you guys recommend. I can do it manually, but I’m new and perhaps there is a cool trick with tags or something that would make it work a little more automatically.

Cool app, got the pro version after just 5 minutes playing with it. Normally use Bear app, which I love as well, but adding dates to these notes is pretty damn handy running my business and life. Good job!

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Hi David,
Thanks for the feedback.
You should be able to create your own overviews as saved searches. Basically, you make a search, for a tag, or a range of dates, and save the search. Then you use the tag #someday and voila.
You can also create a saved search for tomorrow, and so forth.
Hope that handles most of the cases.
kind regards,

Ow that is sweet man! Yes that works!
Really starting to really digg this app. Good for my work stuff, but also my daily journalling and my training schedule and reflections. :v:t3: