Add More Groups to the Related Panel

The absence of a “birds eye view” or list of notes panel has always been problematic for planning my week. Since I keep each project in one note I link each active project note (Basically PARA+) to an all-day calendar item, so getting things done each day works great as I have also linked todos in each project note and keep todos in a seperate folder. But Setting a plan for the week has always been an issue with Agenda - wind up switching to NotePlan or other tools like Bear / Apple Notes. It would really be helpful in setting strategies ofr the month and my POW-plan of the week if I had the following groups added to the related side panel:

  • List of notes for the selected Project/Folder
  • List of Notes I’ve shared with others for collaboration

Thanks very much,

Thanks for the feedback! Just trying to fully understand what you need here…

Note that there is a sort of list of notes if you tap/click the project title at the top of the notes. You get a dropdown menu listing notes.

You can also collapse notes. This gives you a list too. On Mac, Note > Collapse All. (Double click a note header to expand.)

We are currently working on some very powerful search and content filtering features, and I think they could help you a lot. Would be good to understand your needs to make sure our new feature could support what you want.

To this end, can you explain a bit how you use these lists of notes? Understanding the use case is more important for us, because we can then consider various solutions.

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