Add markdown emoji markup support or similar

I was adding a link to a mail and I was wondering that it would be very useful to add :email: in a note. The funny thing is that in Agenda Community is possible but not in Agenda 1.4. It seems that emoji markup is not supported.

You can insert emojis already using the Edit > Emoji & Symbols palette:

But from your description I understand you would also want to use markdown syntax, you mean by starting with a colon : or a different syntax?

Yes, the idea is the direct support of the colon like :whatever: . It is faster and it is the behaviour that we have now in the editor in Agenda Community :smile:


Another way to enter emoji is to configure them under System Preferences > Keyboard > β€˜Text’ tab by adding a text label and drag and drop the emoji from the Emoji & Symbols palette.

It works great after in Agenda and other applications.

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