Add Julia in the menu to select the highlight language of pre-formatted text


Agenda can highlight Julia code if we start a pre-formatted block using:


like here:

Captura de Tela 2024-07-04 às 16.59.23

However, we cannot select Julia in the menu when starting a new pre-formatted text region. Is it possible to add this entry?


The library we use to do the highlighting actually has many, many languages, but putting them all in the menu would make it unusable. For this reason, we elected to just expose the most popular languages.

As you point out, the others are still accessible via text formatting.

If we hear from more Julia developers, we’ll consider adding it in. I think you are probably the first Julia developer I’ve ever encountered, so it is not that common. (I actually come from a scientific programming background of C and Fortran, so I have seen a lot in that space.)

Hi @drewmccormack !

Thanks for the very quick answer.

Just to add to the discussion, Julia is currently at position 33 in the TIOBE Index, right below Lua and 17 positions ahead TypeScript (that was added in that menu).

I’ve added Julia for the next release.

This is awesome! Thank you very much @drewmccormack ! :slight_smile: