Add ISO8601 for date command

It would be nice to be able to do \date(ISO8601) or something to get 2020-07-31 for example. As a programmer, I often work with this standardized date format, and thus use it in my notes as well.


This is now possible in Agenda v11: Creating and Using Templates - #4 by system

That’s why I posted this. I didn’t see this as a built in option. I’m asking to have it added as it’s a pretty standard one.

Don’t think it makes much sense, typing that isn’t exactly something most people would “try” as it’s a bit of an esoteric and random iso number. Instead just type \date(format:YYYY-MM-dd) once and after that \date should always give you your iso date.

This permanent change of the \date(format: YYY-MM-dd) ist not working as supposed on my box. It works only once while typing and does not have any effects on all \date entries afterwards. ISO Date is extremely important and more than common, I wonder why you call this “esoteric” ? All I need is to permanentely change all date entries by clicking on the calendar or by using \date changed to ISO8601

I called it esoteric because there’s only a very small group of people that use ISO8601 dates the way you do so consistently inside notes. We used to have the date automatically remember the last format you used, which in your case would be exactly what you would want. However, in practice this feature meant that somebody experimenting with the format or not being fully aware of the way date formatting work, could then end up with a \date command that would not work at all, which affected a lot more people than what the feature was meant for in fact.

I think what could work is if we add a specific parameter such that you could force a certain date to become the default, for example, by typing \date(default-format: YYY-MM-dd) it would then use this format any time you type \date. I’ll try to get that in the next update.

Update: this is now part of Agenda 18 as documented here: Text Actions Cheat Sheet


Fantastic news, having this option to define your personal date default-format is a perfect solution.

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Being able to select one’s preferred date and time formats in settings would be welcome - rather than having to remember, look up and accurately type arcane text commands!

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We don’t think it’s common enough to warrant additional settings to be honest, those who contact us with the request we’ll forward to this way. It’s generally also not something you’d change very frequently, which is another argument.

Fair enough!

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