Add integration of Things 3

Things doesn’t integrate with Reminders, other than Things can import tasks from a single Reminders list, and then deletes the tasks from Reminders. Once the task is deleted, so to is its connection to Agenda.

I’ve used Things in the past, but after reading all of the responses to this thread, I’m having a hard time understanding why you would still want to use Things alongside Agenda and not have Agenda totally replace it when reminders support is released. What does Things offer that can’t easily be achieved with Agenda?

Why use Things when you can use Reminders and Agenda?

  1. Firstly, the keyboard shortcut for a task in Reminders is the most awkward one ever. Seriously.
  2. I use an email app, and a calendar app, and slack and… there are more places to collect to-dos from than just Agenda. Things, Omnifocus 2Do and many others collect to-do’s better.

One Point that excited me was the potential of using 2Do and Agenda together. 2Do is more powerful than Things in many ways, and it uses icloud Reminders to sync notes. Theoretically, you could add a task in Agenda and it would just show up in 2Do. And more wonderfully, if you completed it in 2do, it would show completed in Agenda. That’s perfect.

Capturing tasks from anywhere to either 2do, Things or Omnifocus is easily taken care of with pop-clip, by the way. PopClip is one of my first additions to any set up.

Does anyone know of a good Alfred workflow for Agenda? Search or crate a note?

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This is a really interesting thread. For what it’s worth, I’d love there to be an integration between Agenda and Things whereby, any tasks I make in my notes automatically get carried across into Things, preferably with a relevant tag attached.

Having said that, I get that there a number of other To Do Lists (2Do, Reminders and others have been mentioned). In fact, some people just want to store their To Do Lists in Agenda - in short, everyone has their process, apps and workflows.

Therefore, could we not just open up Agenda to something like Zapier so that users can build the flows that are most relevant to them? All I ask that in any flow like that is that we get the ability to capture any tasks that are created within Agenda.

Either way though, please set this up. This is the one thing that I’m seriously missing and isn’t something that Bear has (at the moment!)


Note that Agenda does support x-callback and shortcuts, so you may be able to build up these types of workflows with some work.

A tiny part of me wants Agenda to be able to have two-way communication with OmniFocus, e.g. checking an item off in Agenda checks it off in OmniFocus, and vice-versa.

But, I’m more looking forward to seeing what happens with Agenda’s checklists. I’ve been using OmniFocus for 11 years now (!!), but would be happy to ditch it.

OmniFocus’s main weakness is context, which is where Agenda excels. It seems really feasible to me that when they add better checklist filtering (which they’ve repeatedly stated is on the way), then that combined with the existing great filtering options will make Agenda a better representation of past / current / upcoming work than OmniFocus.

All that said, task managers do a lot of stuff that would take Agenda a long time to duplicate. I’m thinking of repeating tasks, and sequential task lists.

Probably the biggest question though is, which app to integrate with first? There are lots of Things users and OmniFocus users, and I’m sure both camps would prefer to see their app get the love.


Until Agenda have fixed a way to integrate Things 3 have provided a semi good workaround.
In Agenda add the reminder, this will automatically be picked up for import in Things 3.
The icon in Agenda will turn grey when it has been imported in Things 3.
Instructions for setup in Things 3

Good luck :blush:


@drewmccormack but Optionally like you have do with reminders Who you not do the same for things omnifocus and Todoist? This world be Great for collaborate with others and anyone use what want ! Agenda go to an other level

What value do you find that Things 3 provides now on top of using both Agenda and Apple Reminders?