Add "inbox" section in overview category to collect all incoming items

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This would help implementing sharing widget and speed up collecting notes / attachments / todos.
For instance, on macOS/iOS: Share (on anything) -> Agenda. and it automatically falls into Inbox as an attachment or a note, where I can review and organize things later. Same goes for quickly creating notes on iOS via 3d touch, it also could be implemented via some global shortcut on macOS.


afaik they have plans for something like this in an upcoming release.

For now, what I do is create a category called “INBOX” with a project called “INBOX” and put that right at the top of the categories list.


great news it’s on its way!
this is very similar to what i’m doing now, but there’s no workaround for quick adding notes from elsewhere except for ios shortcuts, but it felt quite flimsy anyway

Here’s what I get when I force touch the Agenda icon on iOS, which lets me add a note directly to my inbox project:

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yep, that’s that one extra tap i suggested to eliminate :slight_smile:
wow, i can’t believe i’m saying this

That’s correct, we have a number of things in the pipeline on this topic. Stay tuned!


Hi, I’m new here and I’m enjoying learning how to use Agenda. The concept and the execution are beautiful.

On this topic, I’m a little worried about having another section to clutter the left panel. Would it be possible to just add an “Unclassified” option to the “Add New Note” button either in “On the Agenda” or “Today”? From how I understand Agenda (please correct me if I’m wrong), a new note that wants classifying would be a natural fit in either of these sections.

I just noticed that the point of the suggested Inbox would be to catch a “single-tap” new note. In that case, my point would be that the single tap should add the new note directly into “On the Agenda” or “Today”. Again, please let me know if I am grievously misunderstanding the purpose of these sections.

A new note automatically gets added to the On the Agenda section because of the default preference to do so, you can turn this off in the Agenda preferences if you only want to place notes explicitly on there (by clicking/tapping the orange dot next to the title of the note, using the Note > Mark as On the Agenda menu option, or by dragging it on the On the Agenda entry in the source list).

By default new notes don’t have a date assigned but if you like to have all new notes to be automatically assigned to “today”, this too you can set in the Agenda preferences. If you want to control this manually you can use the Note > Assign to Today menu option or drag the note onto the Today entry in the source list.

The point of an inbox would be to have a place where new notes generated from elsewhere (like using x-callback-urls, shortcuts, the in-the-works share sheet, etc) would end up at.

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There is a bit of an inconsistency in how adding new notes to “Today” and “On the Agenda” are handled.

  1. Disable both “mark new notes as on agenda” and “assign new notes to today.”
  2. Open the “Today” view, and add a new note – it is automatically assigned to today (this makes sense to me, since you’re in the Today view)
  3. Open “On the Agenda” and add a new note – it is not automatically assigned to on the agenda

I think it would make sense to generally respect those settings, but in those particular views it would assign the relevant attribute. In other words, I think the behavior of adding a new note in the “Today” view makes sense, and that “On The Agenda” view should be changed to match it.

Thanks, we’ll have a look, makes sense.

Thanks for the explanation! I appreciate the option to automatically add new notes to Today and On the Agenda.

In the same vein, though, doesn’t it also make sense to have those settings cover items added via the (eventual) share sheet, say, and have those go directly into Today and/or On the Agenda as well? I still don’t see the reason for a separate Inbox. I could just deal with it in Today or On the Agenda, can’t I?

The setting could be renamed “Assign new ITEMS to Today” and “Mark new items as On the Agenda” to cover the shared or generated links, documents, etc.

Yes, those would apply to incoming notes as well. However, just to be clear, what we have planned to bring is not just an inbox entry in the source list, it’s related but has more to it. Stay tuned.

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Update: We believe to have fixed this in Agenda 9.3, let us know if this is not the case.