Add format bar to macOS

Why is there no menu bar with buttons to edit and format notes on macOS? I would expect one as the current solution, the little dot in front of every line does not always appear.

Now, I need to start writing and then edit. While I would also like to put bullets before starting a new line. But often the little edit dot doesn’t appear.

On the Mac we feel a format bar doesn’t make much sense, if you need a visual way to change formatting we have the popover you mention, but much faster than either that and a formatting bar is to simply use keyboard shortcuts (or right/control-click contextual menu as an intermediate between the two).

Thanks for your reply. But why doesn’t the dot appear on the next empty line? Should I first type and then format?

Yes, this is indeed a shortcoming. You would need to add some text first.

We have plans to change this aspect of the app.

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Great. And what about formatting multiple lines at the same time. If I select 5 lines and choose the check list option, I would expect all 5 lines to become separate items in the list. Now, only the first line becomes a check list item.

That would speed things up. And it would be a logical way to go about it.

The current control is for a particular paragraph, not the selection. It is unrelated to the selection at all. You don’t even need a selection for it to work.

You can you use the menus at the top to apply check list to a multiple line selection.

In future we may move away from the paragraph control and to a selection based one, but that is a more major project.

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