Add date of note to the hover pop up

It would be really helpful to add the date (of dated notes) to the pop up that appears when you mouse over a project name in the ‘related notes’ and ‘recently edited’ panes.

This is because I often have notes with the same name, in the same project and I can’t distinguish between them - the date in the pop up would solve this.

Why the same name? I have regular meetings with people and teams, and I create the meeting Note from the Calendar - so the name of the calendar event becomes the Note title. I don’t want to add the date to the title (which would distinguish them), because logically it’s redundant as the note is already dated, and practically it’s unnecessary effort!

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Good idea!

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll consider it.

I agree it would be a great addition! I’ve been having to add the date manually in my repeating meeting notes. Just a few clicks, but for several projects with dailies/etc it adds up.