Add brackets (square, curly, curved) around selected text

Currently if I select text and then press an opening bracket key of some kind (eg. square bracket), the word is replaced by the opening bracket. It would be great to have this instead surround the selected word/phrase with the chosen bracket type, much like in most modern text editors (eg. VS Code).

I think for most people that would be confusing. It’s not how other note editors or word processors work.

I understand as a coder that we like our specialized formatting, but for the general population, it doesn’t make much sense. Ie when you aren’t typing code.

Thanks for the feedback!

Fair enough. Could it be added as an option in preferences that users consciously opt into (ie. is turned off by default)? It’s something that I find really speeds up my workflow. It would be really useful to have the same functionality described above for speech marks and back-ticks as well.

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I’d like to support this request. Even when not in a coding editor I so often need to put parenthesis around parts of sentences - i fsimply to make them stand out or assign some retrievable keywords or whatever - sort of »content markers«.

After all Agendea is also working as a sort of an information bank. Although you surely can use it to write up write Articles and essays - but then most like you woud do this in a more dedicated editor. But even then collecting the bits and pieces within Agenda requires structure and content markers .

Yes. That would be so nice :slight_smile: . And it goes for all those ([{ but also for the Quotation markers basically all the major paired keys.

Will think about it. Thanks for the feedback!