"Add Attachment to Agenda"shortcuts

Why did “Add Attachment to Agenda” fail? Is it because the bug or application parameter of ios14beta3 has been modified?

@heyscottyj has perhaps a better view on what works and doesn’t work in the current beta?

I’m a little behind in some things because I gave up on a number of things that just don’t work (yet) in iOS14 betas.

Maybe you can share what you’re trying to accomplish and how, and I’ll see if I can reproduce?



I want to use the shortcut to add the pictures in the ios album to my existing agenda-note, but always show “InterchangeCallbackErrorDomain”. "https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/ec8cb3d5380c438c8ea08cc6630358ea” This is a shortcut URL, you can try it out


It worked for me!

Note that you’re using a callback command to append to note, which means the note “Test Note Title” must exist in one of your projects in order for this to work.

Do you have such a note? Otherwise, I can’t reproduce, and could only suggest a hard reboot and/or waiting for a beta update (there are several janky aspects to the current iOS14 beta builds).



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It looks like a bug of ios14beta3. I thank you very much.